Week 2-Site Reviews

For our site, we need to make something that is easy to use but not overly simplistic that it looks bad or is boring. It also needs to look nice and aesthetically pleasing. I found that the sites that don’t look are ones that I don’t stay on for very long. What’s the point if it doesn’t look good. This includes making it colorful, or at least color complementing, not too cluttered or complicated looking, and clean. The main design needs to be based around the virtual tour, but can then branch out to serve other purposes if we decide to expand it.

Of the sites we reviewed, ones such as Emilie Davis Diaries were very good; while others, such as Valley of the Shadow seemed overly simplified, eye sore, and a bit dated. The one on the Great Molasses flood was interestingly different in design, but seemed kind of barren and a bit boring in it’s single use. St. John’s Micro History Mapping Project is probably the most boring to view. There is a lot of information, but since the site lacks any design or color at all, it makes me not even want to read anything that was put up, and looks like it would be tedious to try and do so, which is an issue that I touched on above. For our project the one that seemed the closest to what we need to do was the Virtual Paul’s Cross Project as it is the only one that is close to what we have to do on our project. Other sites, like Emilie Davis Diaries are very good, but not useful for what we need. That sites layout really only works with diary entries or letters, or something of that nature, that is unless we decide to combine different things with the tour.