Week 13

Our project is coming along nicely. We are working on powering through the film editing and overlaying the voice overs. I am currently working on closed captions, but I have to wait on most of them until the videos are done and have been posted to Youtube.

We also wanted to take past James Monroe projects, and create QR codes to their sites to be put around the museum as additional resources.  Most of them are from the James Monroe 3D site. I took the 12 artifacts that they did and made a code for each artifact page, as well as the main page. I also included a few other sites from the museum itself for added benefit.

We had originally planned to make the thumbnails on the Storymap pictures from the slides themselves, but after doing it I realized that the thumbnails are too close together, and making them pictures makes the map looked clustered. If i leave it as the default markers, the markers change color when you are on that slide. This is helpful is pinpointing which point’s location the slide is about, allowing for a better visual. It is because of this that I decided to change the thumbnails back to the default. The only thing left with the storymap and timeline is to finish the citations.

One thought on “Week 13”

  1. Sarah,

    I think you guys have done an awesome job! I love that you’re using QR codes. Our museum project for the James Monroe Museum also utilized them. I can’t wait to see the website completely finished.

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