Week 7-Google Maps

This week I decided to play around with My Maps in Google in order to familiarize myself with using it. I mapped the wineries that are along the Monticello wine trail around Charlottesville, VA and nearby areas. I then rated the wineries based on level of interest in visiting the locations. I rated each one and made comments on food, location, atmosphere, and Google reviews. I based this on information I got from Google and reviews of people who had visited in person, with the hope that I would be able to visit some of these wineries myself soon.
-The red markers are the wineries and the blue markers are the presidential houses nearby.

One thought on “Week 7-Google Maps”

  1. Sarah,

    I like it. I could not think of what to do for a map so I simply plotted the places I have lived on a google map. Fortunately, I have lived all over the united States and in Japan. Your map could be helpful to tourists or locals who want to visit Charlottesville. I like how you plotted the winners but also included the historical spots. I have a few friends who would definitely use your map. You should share it on Facebook!

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