Sarah Godfrey Resume2

“Social and Moral Issues Concerning the Creatures of Harry Potter”-Storymap JS
In this StoryMap I compared specific creatures in the books with the common knowledge about the creatures in myths and legends. When talking about Rowling’s specific creatures I discussed how she used them to portray moral and social comments and issues within the series.

“Maps of Places Associated with German Resistance“- StoryMap
This was the companion project to my Nazi Germany paper on German Resistance to Nazi Germany, mapping the specific locations.

Monticello/Charlottesville Wine Trail

Art 101 Project: Zeens

As part of an Art Project, my professor had every student create a zeen. A zeen is a themed magazine like booklet that can be about any topic that you chose. I chose to show the characters and costume evolutions of a select few of female DC superheroes. Each page is centered on a different hero and their main costumes over the years. This was to show how the changes in costumes reflected the changes in society throughout the years. I also included a brief biography of each character.